Buying a Condo over a House&Lot

Buying a Condo over a House & Lot


In this hub, I will be discussing the advantages of having a condo versus having a house & lot as a home. This is intended for individuals or families who are deciding whether a condo is the best choice for them.

Most middle class families are always very skeptical when buying a condo for the first time. Especially if growing up, they lived your typical one or two storey house, and there are many of these kinds of communities in the Philippines. Condominiums, except probably for Manila and Makati are a rarity, and most people live in single detached homes across the country.



By now however, you should have considered buying a Philippine condominium instead of your traditional house & lot. Let me give you the general advantages of a condo versus your other choices of a home for your family.

Condo living is convenient

When living in a condominium I guarantee that it is a very easy and convenient experience compared to a house & lot. I myself have been living in a condominium at least four to five days each week for the past three years, and it has been a breeze for me. Everything in my BGC condo is easily accessible, from the local supermarket to the restaurants and retail areas, I can walk (or sometimes jog) to these areas and do some groceries while enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the morning.

Regardless of my personal experience, condo living is convenient simply because you are usually nearby commercial areas where you can just take the elevator and walk to buy anything you may need. If you don’t like dining out, then getting some fresh ingredients from a nearby supermarket or organic market stall, makes sure you have the things you need to make a omelet with toast for breakfast, a fish sandwich for lunch, and a hearty steak for your dinner.

Sometimes, since condos are often near offices, it might only take you a short walk or drive towards your place of employment. This makes condo living a good idea for starting families, especially those power couples who are still saving up for their future. If this is you, then you should really consider a condo!

Finally, the smaller space makes it less of a hassle to maintain. Normally, condo tenants are supposed to limit the amount of stuff they put inside their units to the essentials. Thus, I notice about condo tenants is that they are usually very neat—and they have to be! If you are the type of person who is not so organized, maybe a few years of living in a condo may help you become a neat-freak! Kidding aside, since you are adjusting in a limited space, this can lead your mind to think of creative ways to save space, for a more efficient and convenient living experience. Plus, house & lots have yards you have to maintain every week or so. Cleaning your condo unit will take you only a fraction of the time than you would any traditional house.





Condo living is exciting and fun

Living in a condo is like living in a hotel except that you do not have to pay a daily rent. You have a pool, and the more luxurious condos (like where I am living in) have a pool, a game room, a clubhouse, and several other amenities for its tenants to use. When you go down your unit, if you pick the right location, you will be surrounded by the various ‘tourist attractions’ whether it be the local restaurants or bars, or the cultural attractions—in my condo I have the Mind Museum and I visit this place often. It is really a very exciting experience to be able to feel this close to the city.

Condo living is not just for the young

I am not particularly young myself (I will not tell you my age but I am definitely old by most standards), but the condo living experience has made me young at heart. I have lived in the city for quite some time during my working years, and I would have never experienced it the way if I hadn’t started investing in condominiums. I never thought there was so much to do in the city, and so much time I could have going out instead of just staying in my house all day long.

Condo living may be expensivebut it doesn’t have to be

I guess the biggest concern my friends usually ask me before buying a new condo is whether it would be a good idea since they “heard” that living in a condo usually makes you spend more. I do not necessarily believe this is true because our spending habits are not defined with where we live—I believe it is just a frame of mind. I know I mentioned a lot of instances to spend more in this hub, but most of the time, I actually spent quite the same amount of money while living in a house when going out. Something you actually save when living in a condo is money spent on gas or transportation. Since most of the things you need are right there, you don’t need to use your gas guzzler to go on a 5 kilometer trip just to get bananas.

If what I have written here interests you, please send me fan mail, or better if you start investing in your dream condo today! I will vouch for it, you will not regret this decision.




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