Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse RFO

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 Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse

Hurry! Few units left! 3 and 5 Bedrooms available!

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Live the ultimate urban lifestyle only at Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse. A stone’s throw away from Greenhills Shopping Center, the new Greenhills Courtyard II will feature 14-well appointed attached homes thoughtfully designed for your growing family.

The location is located in one of the highest points in San Juan making your home flood free.

Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse will have full time security guard and CCTV monitoring where you can also monitor your home anytime, anywhere just by logging in on the internet. You home will alsio be equiped with the latest LED and CFL lighting technology that will significantly cut down your electricity cost.

Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse  will have a podium area that is landscaped with pollution absorbing plants that will filter environmental contaminants, including benzene, formalde-hyde, and other pollutants.

Buyers will be assured of usual top of the line workmanship and more improved features in addition to usual features of hot and cold showers, electronic devices such as smoke detectors and burglar alarm systems for additional safety. Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse  will surely suit your selective and tasteful lifestyle.


Greenhills Courtyard II San Juan Townhouse is conveniently located in the heart of Wilson St. The street is one of the liveliest streets in Manila and is known for its wide array of restaurants that will surely cater to your every craving. Its strategic location puts you in an ideal position to access Manila’s best educational and medical instituions, as well as commercial establishments, saving you the time from travelling to and from you destination. Going to Greenhills shopping center is just a 10-minute commute.




3 – bedroom
2 – car garage
Living, Dining and Kitchen
Walk-in closet for the Master’s bedroom
2 – Toilet and Bath
Powder Room
Maid’s room with T & B



Should you be interested in learning more about our property. I would recommend a visit to our ACTUAL units so we could give you more information about our esteemed project. I would be happy to make arrangements at your convenience.
“Your one small step today will make a huge difference for your tomorrow.
Lets put your dream into a reality … invest now!!!”


If God is for us, who can be against us!


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